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Terms and conditions

Bookings and cancellations


A booking is confirmed once Nature Keen has contacted the client to confirm receipt of a complete booking form and payment.


Nature Keen understands that circumstances can change at short notice and will endeavour to accommodate reasonable requests to amend bookings if possible. Requests to amend bookings may result in additional charges, dependant on requests, and this will be discussed with you before agreeing any amendments.


In exceptional circumstances, a booking may need to be cancelled by Nature Keen. If so, it will be done so with as much notice as possible and you will receive a full refund or an option to reschedule if possible.  


In the event of cancellation by yourself, where the cancellation has a minimum of 4 weeks prior notice, 50% of the fee will be payable/refundable. Where there is less that 4 weeks prior notice, 100% of the fee is payable and not refundable.



Your safety


Nature Keen activities are designed to inspire and educate people about the natural world. Our activities and locations used are all within our staff’s training, skillset and experience and are suitably risk assessed prior to delivery as well as dynamically so during activities.    


Of course, exploring the great outdoors does come with elements of risk which may carry danger of personal injury or death. All participants booking on to our activities must be aware of and accept these risks, and be responsible for their own actions.


Nature Keen accepts bookings on the understanding that all participants are medically and physically fit enough to undertake the activity that they are booked on.


In making a booking and agreeing to these terms and conditions, you are confirming and disclaiming that you, and those you are booking for, are medically and physicaly fit to participate in the activity and will attend the activity with appropriate attire and equipment stated in your booking confirmation



Parental responsibility


Children under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent, legal guardian or a responsible group leader (in event of a youth group/school booking) who will take full responsibility for their supervision and safeguarding at all times.





Nature Keen has full public liability insurance and we advise that you take out your own personal accident and cancellation insurance. Please check that your insurance policy covers you for activities you will be undertaking with us.  Nature Keen accepts no reponsibility for any loss or damage to personal property.





We may take photos/videos of our activities with a view to using them for our website or publicity purposes. We will ask prior to a booked activity for permission. Please advise us if you would prefer to not be photographed or for images of you to not be used publically.





We are committed to providing high quality, enjoyable and safe experiences for all people who book activities with Nature Keen.  If you are not satisfied with the service provided, please bring this to our attention as soon as possible - ideally at the time it occurs. If we are unable to resolve the matter to your satisfaction, please record your complaint and send it to us via email within 14 days after your activity. Written complaints will be investigated and you will receive a reply from us as soon as possible with a conclusion of the matter.

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